“Temporary pause to the active student strike. Possible developments”

The RA Law on “Military Service” adopted by the National Assembly with 86 for and 6 against votes on November 15 of 2017 gave a rise to protest among the students.

It should be mentioned that the members of “For the Science Development” civic initiative, who were among the protestors, had an-hour negotiations with Ara Babloyan, President of the National Assembly and Eduard Sharmazanov Deputy President of The National Assembly. After the meeting, it was announced that a round-table discussion is scheduled with the authority representatives for the upcoming week on November 22. It was agreed to stop the strikes.

A public discussion on the topic “A temporary pause to the active student strike. Possible development” was hosted in “Media Center” on November 16, during which Daniel Ioannisyan the President of the “Informed Citizen Union” expressed an opinion, according to which the students should use the pause to transform their demands, since the problems do not end by the limitation of by the right to deduction.

“The students’ demands should refer not only to the institute of deduction, but also to the education, science and armed forced in general. These sectors have serious problems and I think this is a good opportunity to discuss those problems and urge the Government to solve these problems”.

Haykuhi Harutyunyan, the President of the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO expressed hope, that the discussion platform will be used: the unpublished provisions of the “Nation-Army” concept will become a subject for public discussions.

“In my opinion, our society need such discussions not to make other questions, laws or decisions, a matter of coercion force, and to which the society should obey”- mentioned Haykuhi Harutyunyan.

According to politician Armen Grigoryan, each political protest in authoritarian countries like Armenia is already dangerous. The politician is assured that the students protest is not an ended process.

As stated by civic activist David Sanasaryan, it is wrong to accuse the students in not doing certain action or not demonstrating rigidly. As noted by Sanasaryan, it was also strange that the authorities want to host a round-table discussion after the adoption of the respective law.


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