The Statement of Anahit Tarkhanyan: wife of Andreas Ghukasyan

The Statement of Anahit Tarkhanyan: wife of Andreas Ghukasyan,  President of the RA presidential candidate in 2013 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Radio Hay


“Since 2013, when Andrieas Ghukasyan proposed his candidacy during the presidential elections and challenged the monopoly authorities in the country, the prosecution against our family started: on July of 2016 my husband was illegally detained and it has been already 15 months he is under detention. During this whole period, the Armenian authorities has been persuading international community, law enforcement bodies and Armenian public, that keeping Andreas Ghukasyan under detention is not a political prosecution against the political opponent, but is rather conditioned by the solid evidence of the committed crime.

On August 1 of 2017, the trial of Andries Ghukasyan started, during which Investigative Committee presented the so called guilty evidence collected during the previous year. At the end of the examination and during the preparation stage of the trail, when evidence became accessible, the violations, forgery of the facts and manipulation of Andreas Gghukasyan’s case were also detected.

The advocates and Andreas Ghukasyan filed more than 35 motions to the prosecutor and court, but the latter had all been rejected and the defendant’s fundamental right to effective protection had been violated. The main witness of the apotheosis accusation against Ghukasyan is Gegham Zelimkhan Sahakyan, who is a guard of Gnuni market, has been condemned for three times as well as has received force treatment for paranoid schizophrenia in a psychiatric institution, the evidence of who are the main grounds for Armenian authorities.

Since the first minute of the crime, Sakayan gave false evidence regarding his education, his conviction, the fact of his mental illness treatment etc.

Already at that stage, the judge and prosecutor demonstrated concealment of the witness violating the fundamental principal of fair trial. During the interrogation of the main witness, it was detected that it’s already three years he had not been getting treatment and that his evidence was ground for the trial. During the interrogation, Sahakyan was constantly confusing the details and was giving contradictory evidence. It was detected by the court hearing of October 31, that the accusations against Andiras Ghukasyan were groundless and completely zeroed the statement of Armenian authorities, that the latter had grounded proofs to keep Andrias Ghukasyan under detention. This court hearing proved that the detention of Andrias Ghukasyan is a political prosecution and an intentional isolation of the political opponent to weaken the civilian resistance and opposition against the Armenian authorities.

In 21st century, when the whole civilized world recognizes the priorities of the fundamental rights of a human being and a civilian, the Armenian authorities do not avoid manipulation and forgery of facts to violate the human rights and fundamental freedoms of their own citizens at international level.

Today, we all need to unite the efforts of civil society, human rights protection organizations and the intellectuals in the protection of fundamental human rights in Armenia raising the issue of subjecting all level leaders to liability (including also individual punishments) for violating the rights of their citizens before international community.


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