According to the report, a group of police officials launched force against a citizen

A criminal case is initiated in RA Special Investigation Service based on the materials prepared according to the report of Sevak Voskanyan, the citizen of Sevan city, Gegharkunik marz.

So, Sevak Voskanyan gave a report that on 18 August 2017 he was forcefully taken into Gegharkunik marz department by a group of police officers, and to get confession about the crime commitment the same officials tortured him and from 10 to 11 illegally deprived him of freedom through intimidating him to apply other forceful actions and ascribe him another crime. As a result of force, threats and other illegal activities by the officials of the inquiry body, he submitted false confession and illegally accused other people of committing a crime.

Thus, for tortures applied by a group of officials carrying out a special state service, as well as for force and other illegal activities by the body of inquiry, a criminal case was initiated in RA Special Investigation Service pursuant to point 4 of part 2 of Article 309.1 and point 4 of part 3 of Article 341 of RA Criminal Code.

Preliminary investigation is being carried out.

Notification: a person that is suspected or accused of an alleged crime, is considered innocent until his/her guilt is proved by a court judgment that has come into legal effect pursuant to the procedure determined by RA Criminal Procedure Code.