Report ​Together for Human Rights: a Year in Review 2016 International partnership for Human rights​

Report Beaten, Burnt and Betrayed: Armenians Awaiting Accountability for Police Violence: At the request of Armenian civil society organizations IPHR dispatched a fact-finding mission to Yerevan from 28 July to 1 August to investigate the use of excessive force by Armenian police to quell predominantly peaceful protests held in the capital. The monitors interviewed victims, witnesses, lawyers, journalists and NGO leaders who had been personally affected by the events. The report describes dozens of cases of beatings of journalists, the detention and severe beating of peaceful protesters, and pressure and harassment by law enforcement officials of civil society and opposition leaders during the July protests. The Armenian NGOs Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Helsinki Association and Protection of Rights without Borders contributed to producing the report, as well as the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. IPHR and partners subsequently presented the findings at public events in Yerevan, Brussels and Warsaw, providing first-hand accounts of events to decision makers, media and civil society. IPHR and partners also met with representatives of the Armenian authorities to discuss the report’s findings and recommendations.

Haykuhi Harutyunyan of the NGO Protection of Rights without Borders (Armenia) cooperated with IPHR to investigate allegations of human rights violations during the July 2016 protests: “It’s very important to have international partners to advocate and to draw more international attention to the human rights situation.“