30 headmasters demand 2 million AMD each and apology from Daniel Ioannisyan

30 school and kindergarten headmasters have appealed to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Ajapnyak and Davtashen Administrative Districts against the “Union of Informed Citizens”. They demand that the organization apologizes and gives each of them 2 million AMD compensation for wounding their honor and dignity.

Let us remind you that the organization publicized 114 records of the headmasters of kindergartens and schools amid the pre-electoral campaigns proving that the headmasters were recruiting people for RPA in power. During the interview with Aravot.am the head of the organization Daniel Ioannisyan told that they had not defamed anyone and were not going to pay 2 million AMD to anyone. “How can we deny the truth? We have publicized what actually is there. What should we deny? Should we deny and say that the headmasters have not said such a thing? It is an absurd”, he told. The “Union of Informed Citizens” will not submit to the decision of the court unacceptable to them. They will appeal at the same time showing the real face of Armenian judiciary as well. To the question whether such decision of the headmasters was a surprise to him or they expected a counteract, Daniel Ioannisyan told that they expected. Nelly GRIGORYAN

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