Civic Initiative

To RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan
To Prosecutor General of the RA Aghvan Hovsepyan

During the period of July 20-26, 2013 in the matters of public interest and right to peaceful assembly a civic initiative was formed which demanded to put an end to illegitimacy.
During the mentioned period of time the Police used certain actions against the peaceful assembly’s participants, which lead to illegitimate intervention and limits the right to peaceful assembly,


1. During the period of August 20-26, 2013 a number of citizens were brought to the police without explanations and propositions and were kept in different police departments for three and more hours period.
2. The police applied to physical violence against the participants of the peaceful assembly causing serious bodily injury.
3. Different kinds of threats, violent actions and other illegal actions were used towards the participants of the peaceful assembly as well as towards other citizens.

Taking into consideration the above mantioned facts the Civic initiative proposes to the Police of the RA and to the Prosecution of the RA the following demands and anticipates the appropriate implementation on the issues of the actions.

The RA Police

1. To ensure the effective and practical implementation of RA citizens’ peaceful assembly’s right
2. Discover and bring to charge the instigators and the terrorists
3. Ensure oversight for the realization of the peaceful assembly right to refrain from illegitimate actions against the peaceful assembly’s participants.

To the Prosecutor General of the RA
4. Bring a criminal case against the above mentioned facts and on the facts of citizens and on mass media publications and bring to liability the unlawful policemen.

Civic Initiative, August 27, 2013